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Certified Quality Improvement Associate

ASQ’s CQIA Exam Prep

14-hour Course Brochure

Course Overview


The Certified Quality Improvement Associate has a basic knowledge of quality tools and their uses and is involved in quality improvement projects, but does not necessarily come from a traditional quality area.

The topics in this Body of Knowledge (BoK) include subtext explanations and the cognitive level at which the questions will be written. This information will provide useful guidance for both the Exam Development Committee and the candidate preparing to take the exam.

 ASQ's CQIA Certification preparation learning program introduces quality concepts and tools to employees new to quality and to those with some previous background in quality. The course is based upon ASQ's Body of Knowledge (BoK) for the Certified Quality Improvement Associate, CQIA, certification exam, and it is an excellent preparation resource. Companies looking to

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