Project Management based on ISO 10006 & ISO 21500 standards

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Project Management based on

ISO 10006 & ISO 21500 Standards

4-hour Course Brochure

Course Overview

This training course presents two ISO standards related to project management practices, the first is ISO 10006, and the second is ISO 21500. It discusses the clauses comprising each standard and how they can be applied. The standard documents will be explored in the class, but not provided within the course materials.

Course Prerequisite

A basic understanding of quality management and project management

Who Should Attend?

This training course will be of benefit to:

project managers and practitioners whether they have prior knowledge or certification in the field of project management or not

team members that manage, build and implement quality solutions

managers that monitor projects

clients, customers and all stakeholders that participate on projects and help set the expectations for quality

Course Objectives

At the end of this class,

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