Project Development and Management in NGOs

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Project Development and Management in NGOs (Non-Government Organizations)

35-hour course brochure

Course Overview

This course is a specialised scheme for Project Managers working in the development sector. The scheme is aligned with existing internationally recognized project management standards and includes components specific to the NGO sector.

Course Prerequisite

A good working knowledge of project management, some experience managing projects in NGO sector

Course Benefits for Individuals

  • Understand and learn to implement a range of tools and techniques to be used for managing projects and workloads.
  • Apply knowledge which is relevant to the environment and conditions in which it is utilized.
  • Use systems used in international, well-known NGOs which have helped to increase productivity in developing sectors.
  • Enhance specialist skills such as planning and implementation by adding best practices.
  • Be part of the growing number of project management pr

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