<p>Fundamentals of Portfolio Management</p>

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Fundamentals of Portfolio Management

7-hour Class

Courses Overview

No company has the resources to meet all of its business needs. This is true in the best of times. It certainly is even truer when times are tough. Even if your company is a rare one that has all the money it needs, you definitely do not have the people to complete everything you would like. Portfolio management is a process to ensure that your company spends its scarce resources on the work that is of the most value to your company, and work that is most closely aligned to your business goals and strategies.


This class shows attendees the many aspects of portfolio management that must be understood before the concepts can be deployed. The class also demonstrates a specific and comprehensive six-stage model for implementing portfolio management – Definition, Foundation, Selection, Prioritization, Authorization and Activation.


Course Prerequisite

  • None, this class provides a

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