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Saad Twfiq Mohamed


Summary Profile

Saad Twfiq is an Instructor and Consultant with 20 + years' experience presenting consultancy and training services to different clients. The knowledge and experiences can help enhancing the Management environment in the companies by improving the practices and capabilities, developing the right processes, educating and coaching other staff, utilizing of information technology and providing the appropriate recommendations timely in the proper format for the executives to take the right decision.


  Major Areas of Professional Experience 

Business consultant and instructor in the management field for designing and implementing systems of planning and utilizing the out most of companies' resources.

Mastered and shared in the preparation and coaching of the staff of different organizations based on their respected work procedures.

Conducted many training courses in the management, Material Management, Performance evaluation accompanied with or separate from the convenient workshops.

Worked in different organization levels between Egypt and K S A beginning at accounting profession, chief accountant and worked in the services, consulting and information system implementation in the public and private sector.

Created and maintained favorable customers and vendor relations and contributes to products development in the companies he worked for.

Shared in many committees & task forces related to internal organization for the many clients

Good negotiator in the management, financial, organization areas and reaching agreements for business.